Make the Decision to Protect Your Business... So, what's it going to take? You've downloaded a bunch of demos, and you've tried to figure out all of the alternatives. In the end, you have to decide which product and company will provide you with the best results AND the best protection. Admittedly, I have a vested interest in convincing you that Call List Scrubber is the best choice. Your purchase of Call List Scrubber provides income for our business. But your purchase of our product provides one heck of a spectacular return for your business as well. Every telephone number Call List Scrubber removes from your call list, has the potential of saving you $11,000. Looked at another way, every call you make to a person who has registered their telephone number, risks costing you $11,000. I know it sounds simple, but go ahead and take a look at the Recent Do-Not-Call Fines report we have posted on this web site. Is there be any doubt that prosecutions are taking place and businesses are being fined huge sums of money because they didn't take the time to even TRY to comply? When you apply the cost of Call List Scrubber over the number of calls you make, the price is unbelievably low. For example, a telemarketer making 1,000 calls per month can figure the annual cost per call of Call List Scrubber at less than 1 cent per call. And, the savings continues year after year because with Call List Scrubber there are no update or subscription fees. When you purchase any level of Call List Scrubber, the only additional cost to you would be if you wanted to upgrade to a higher level and even then you only pay the difference between the level you purchased and the level you want! There one more little known fact about Call List Scrubber that you will not find anywhere else on this website. We understand that you might want to load Call List Scrubber on more than one computer. So, from the day we released Call List Scrubber, we allowed our registered users to install Call List Scrubber up to five (5) times before requiring the purchase of a new license. So you want to install this program on your desktop and your laptop? No problem. So you have more than one person at your office who needs to scrub call lists? No problem. (Note: This is a site license agreement and does not apply to multiple locations. Each physical location or office must have its own license.)  The last part of your purchase equation should relate to how well you will be supported if you purchase the product. Hands down, our customers rate our technical support as the best they've ever seen. If there's a new feature they want, we try to add it. If there's a question that needs answering, we answer it. Need your hand held while you scrub your first call list? We hold it. You can't get a file to work right, send it to us and we'll tell you how to deal with it. Maybe we don't have the flashiest website. Maybe we don't have the biggest advertising budget. But I do know that when you compare our product, our technical support and our pricing to anyone in the Do Not Call marketplace, you will not find a better product than Call List Scrubber. I want to personally thank you for taking a look at Call List Scrubber, and if you haven't downloaded the demo, please take this opportunity to do so. If you have been sitting on the fence trying to decide if Call List Scrubber is the right product for you, I invite you to go ahead and take the plunge. When you do, you will find that no one cares about your satisfaction more than we do and that no one will do more to make sure your experience is a great one. Sincerely, Paul H. Tarver Developer & Publisher Call List Scrubber © 2010, Tarver Program Consultants, Inc.