Product Screenshots   Scrubbing Lists with Call List Scrubber © 2010, Tarver Program Consultants, Inc. Step 1 - Identify Source Data STEP 1: The process of scrubbing a list starts by Identifying your Source Data.  Click the drop down box to select the file type and then click the  magnifying glass to browse and find the file you wish to scrub. Step 1a - Select Delimiter Type STEP 1a: Whenever Call List Scrubber needs additional information to complete the  import process, you will be presented with easy to understand screens  and prompts. Click here to see how this same screen looks when  importing a fixed field length file. Click ‘Next’ to continue.  Step 2 - Select Fields To Export STEP 2: After identifying all of the data contained in your import file, Call List  Scrubber then asks you to select exactly what data you want to include in  the output file. Click on a field and you can view samples of the data  contained in that field. You can either select export fields one by one or  click the “Select All” button to include all fields in the final output. Click  ‘Next’ to continue.  Step 3 - Verify Selected Phone Number Fields STEP 3: As you move from Step 2 to Step 3, Call List Scrubber attempts to identify  which export fields you have select that contain phone numbers. You can  override the automatic selections and manually choose the fields  containing telephone numbers by clicking and placing a checkbar in the  Scrub column. Once all the telephone numbers have been identified, click  ‘Next’ to continue.  Step 4 - Set Output Settings STEP 4: The last step is to tell the Call List Scrubber exactly where you want to save the output file and what type format you want the output to be. Click ‘Finish” and the program will scrub the list and present you with a report of the numbers scrubbed from the original import file.