Latest Update Download:   If you need assistance running Call List Scrubber, check out the How To Guides or the FAQ. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or telephone. Updates to the Call List Scrubber will be posted here along with information regarding changes requested by our users. © 2010, Tarver Program Consultants, Inc. 08/07/2010 2.27.118 Fixed problems importing National DNC text files over 2Gb in size. Added feature to provide more information to the user during the importing of National DNC files. 08/08/2008 2.27.116 Added functionality to auto-extract zipped DNC files without requiring WinZip or forcing users to extract DNC files manually. This only applies to files imported into the National DNC List within Call List Scrubber. 08/23/2007 2.27.109 Update fixes a problem encountered when importing the Texas State DNC List which prevented the list from being imported correctly. 06/19/2007 2.27.108 Updated many of the logo graphics in the program to improve clarity and resolution. Updated primary Call List Scrubber logo to newly designed logo. Added Pennsylvania to list of states with privately maintained state-wide DNC lists. 06/19/2007 2.27.107 Fixed problem that put Call List Scrubber on top of all other programs and prevented users from seeing the program underneath. Updated main menu background color to match Windows XP standards. Fixed problem with single number look up screen that generated 'No Index Set' error message. 06/09/2007 2.27.106 Updated to enable program to support up to 250 Million Federal DNC numbers (Current Full National List is over 140 Million numbers); added feature to name the Scrubbed output file to be named the same as the import file; added note to the Scrub Report to specify whether the National DNC lists are all up to date at the time of the scrub; Changed index procedure for the NDNC files to avoid file limits. Improved performance of the import procedure for the Full National DNC list. 01/08/2006 2.27.105 Added a checkbox to the "Import National DNC Lists" screen to allow users to import all files in the folder selected by the user. Added the ability to export data to an xBase (dBase III, FoxBase, FoxPro) format. 08/14/2005 2.27.102 Fixed a bug in the totaling of Invalid Area Codes that caused telephone numbers with preceding non-numeric characters to report as area code '000'. (Note: This bug only affected the Scrub Report, not the scrub process itself.) Fixed field names in header row error that generated a 'Syntax Error' whenever the field names in the file contained invalid characters in the field name or digits as the first character. Added tests to check the compliance and notify days to encourage users to make sure these system settings are entered correctly. 8/14/2005 2.27.101 Added a button to 'Step 3 - Verify Selected Phone Number Fields' to allow users to clear all scrub field selections. Because Call List Scrubber can sometimes mis-identify fields that resemble telephone numbers, this new button (Clear All) will clear all automatic selections and allow users to manually select fields containing telephone numbers. 7/25/2005 2.27.100 Added button to the 'Step 2 - Select Fields to Export' screen of the Scrub a Call List procedure to allow users to Select/Deselect all fields. Added message to the Scrub A Call List and Look-Up A Number screens to check to verify that DNC data has been imported into the system prior to scrubbing or checking any numbers. Updated the Import National DNC Lists program to provide for longer path names. Updated System File to store paths up to 65,000 characters. 3/2/2004 2.27.95 Added Texas to the available list of State DNC Lists that Call List Scrubber can process. 2/23/2004 2.27.93 Added Indiana & Oklahoma to the available list of State DNC Lists that Call List Scrubber can process. Fixed registration bug that caused 'Variable Missing' errors on start up. 2/17/2004 2.27.91 Added Florida & Massachusetts to the available list of State DNC Lists that Call List Scrubber can process. Improved access speed of the View State Numbers screen and fixed bug with the search method on the View State Numbers screen. 2/15/2004 2.27.90 Added Idaho & Wisconsin to the available list of State DNC Lists that Call List Scrubber can process. Fixed bug in the Add A Field screen used whenever the user is importing a Fixed Field Length call list to scrub. Added the option to create an output folder if the output folder entered during the Scrub A Call List Wizard (Step 4). Added a hyperlink to the Call List Scrubber logo on the Main Menu that automatically takes the user to the website. Added a screen to allow users to view telephone numbers imported from State DNC Lists. 1/31/2004 2.27.87 Modified the state list import process to allow users to import multiple files for each state. Users now can choose to add to existing state records or to delete state records to completely refresh the data file. Added completely new feature per client requests: No-Sell Zones. From the System Information screen users can click on the 'Select 'No-Sell' Zones' button which will open a window with a list of all national area codes currently stored within the database. A check box is provided next to each area code and the user can click on any check box to select the area codes that the user wants to select as a No- Sell Zone. When Call List Scrubber scrubs a call list any phone number that has an area code that matches any of the selected No-Sell Zones, that number is removed from the call list and will not be available for use. Statistics are provided on the Scrub Report to let the user know how many phone numbers were excluded from the final list. 1/29/2004 2.27.85 Added logic to allow users to import and scrub against state lists. Colorado, Missouri, and Mississippi are the initial state formats included in this version. A "User Defined" state has also been added per a customer request. As requested this "User Defined" state will allow users to import a list such as a current customer list to prevent calls to existing customers. Also added a new feature to the Maintain Company DNC List screen which allows users to more easily import existing Company DNC lists into Call List Scrubber. The new state function includes all features currently available for the National DNC list such as statistics and alerts. 1/22/2004 2.27.79 Modified Step 4 of the Scrub A Call List Wizard to simplify the Output Settings. Removed the check box that states "Include only valid phone numbers in the output file". Also removed the check box that states "Do not strip phone numbers from records with errors". Replaced these checkboxes with a series of three unique "Output Options". · Valid Only - when selected, the program will only export valid useable phone numbers. · Invalid Only - when selected, the program will only export phone numbers considered "bad" along with an error code to indicate the problem. (Note: Also separated the error codes from the phone numbers so that if a phone number is the only data in the file, the error code will appear in column 1 and the phone number will appear in column 2 per clients' request). · All w/Codes - If this option is selected, the output file will include all records (except blank records) along with a column containing an error code if the phone number is considered "bad" by the scrubber. 1/8/2004 2.27.77 Made some additional modifications to the "Scrub A Call List" procedure code to improve the application's ability to handle non-standard field names in files with the field names in the header row. Primarily, this version resolves error messages generated by Call List Scrubber if a header field name is left blank, or if the user tries to scrub a file that has extraneous data in a column that does not have a field name assigned to it. Additionally, this version now correctly identifies phone numbers that are longer than 12 characters. This is usually the case if the phone number includes formatting characters such as "(" or ")". This version will also export the scrubbed telephone numbers with the same formatting that is in the import file. 1/5/2004 2.27.75 Rewrote the import process to handle header rows better and to adjust for invalid characters commonly used in field names. The new procedures removes spaces and invalid characters in fieldnames to prevent Call List Scrubber from generating a "Syntax Error" during the import process. 12/12/2003 2.27.74 Fixed "Variable not found" error which occurred while updating the National DNC with the Add/Delete file. Also, added a hyperlink to website on the Main Menu. 11/30/2003 2.27.73 Added the ability to import and process Add/Delete File from Do Not Call Registry. The FTC allows subscribers to download a 'delta' or change file that includes new phone numbers and any phone numbers to delete for all area codes a subscriber has signed up to download. Call List Scrubber can now auto-detect the flat file version of the Add/Delete file and process it accordingly. This procedure can significantly speed the update process for subscribers of the National Full List. While the developers still recommend downloading complete lists from time to time, the Add/Delete file can be used more often and help keep the National DNC table up to date. 11/30/2003 2.27.72 Rewrote the Import National DNC function to improve performance when importing the Full National Do Not Call Flat File. Currently this file contains over 52 million telephone numbers and some customers had expressed concern over the length of time it took to import this volume of data. The new version of the program can process the full list in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes on a computer with a 700Mhz Celeron and 164Mb of RAM. The new process reduces the import time by approximately 75%. Also, added new feature to allow users to choose whether the import process should compress the DNC table to permanently remove any deleted records. Added new option to the Scrub Wizard output screen to instruct Call List Scrubber to NOT strip out the telephone number on records that are in error. This feature was user requested. 11/26/2003 2.27.71 Fixed problem caused by non-standard characters found in the header row of delimited files. Also corrected field sizing bug caused when extra commas are found within fields of comma delimited files. Improved speed of transition from Step 2 Field Selection to Step 3 Verify Phone Number Fields. Fixed bug relating to spaces within output path names. 11/22/2003 2.27.70 Fixed bug importing National DNC lists stored in folders with paths containing spaces. Added hyperlink to System Information screen to allow users to quickly access the DNC Registry Download webpage. Added field to the Call List Scrubber NDNC Statistics window on the System Information screen to show the deadline date to update each area code. Also added deadline date to all alert and statistics reports. 11/10/2003 2.27.63 Added a routine to notify the user when their FTC Subscription is about to run out. 11/09/2003 2.27.61 Added option to allow users to look up single phone numbers and verify whether the number is on the National or Company Do Not Call lists. 11/07/2003 2.27.60 Initial Product Release Change Log: