Customer Comments © 2010, Tarver Program Consultants, Inc. I thought I’d take the time to say thanks for your awesome product, and of course the personal support you provided.  It’s rare that any company will take the time to make sure the customer is satisfied. Tarver Program Consultants and Call List Scrubber have gone above and beyond all my expectations. When I called for support, you said “Dan, after you scrub one list on this scrubber, you will be amazed how easy it is to use”.  I thought “YEAH, RIGHT!”  It didn’t seem to take you long to figure out that my computer skills are not the best.  After realizing this, you and your company took the time to make sure that no question was left unanswered.  With a big smile on my face, I feel compelled to let everyone in the mortgage industry know about you and your Call List Scrubber and its capabilities and very user friendly features.  I will be going to Broker Outpost later today to sing praises about you and your company.  After I got off the phone with your office, I scrubbed another list and it literally took less than 30 seconds.  You’ll be happy to know (even with my limited computer skills) you were right with the first statement you made to me.  I am utterly AMAZED!  Thanks for all your help and this awesome scrubber. Dan Harmon Branch Manager Ameritime Mortgage Company, LLC "Thumbs up!!!" Very professional program, with professional assistance as well. Not very often that you get to speak with the designer themselves. Ron Nielsen Vice President 1st Choice Mortgage Corporation We tested scrubbing 400,000 records against the 52 Million record National DNC file and the process took only 15 minutes!  Overall we are very happy with the program and my staff feels the program is very "user friendly". John Bencie SPH Marketing, Inc.